Remembering Chuck Colson

LANSDOWNE, Va., April 21, 2012— Evangelical Christianity lost one of its most eloquent and influential voices today with the death of Charles W. “Chuck” Colson. The Prison Fellowship and Colson Center for Christian Worldview founder died at 3:12 p.m. on Saturday from complications resulting from a brain hemorrhage. Colson was 80.

A Watergate figure who emerged from the country’s worst political scandal, a vocal Christian leader and a champion for prison ministry, Colson spent the last years of his life in the dual role of leading Prison Fellowship, the world’s largest outreach to prisoners, ex-prisoners and their families, and the Colson Center, a teaching and training center focused on Christian worldview thought and application.

Chuck’s life is a testimony to God’s power to forgive, redeem, and transform.

Colson was speaking at a Colson Center conference when he was overcome by dizziness. Quickly surrounded by friends and staff, Colson was sent to the Fairfax Inova Hospital in Fairfax, Virginia. On March 31, he underwent two hours of surgery to remove a pool of clotted blood on the surface of his brain. At times, Chuck showed encouraging indicators of a possible recovery, but his health took a decided turn, and he went to be with the Lord. His wife, Patty, and the family were with him in the last moments before he entered eternity.

Revered by his friends and supporters, Colson won the respect of those who disagreed with his religious and political views thanks to his tireless work on behalf of prisoners, ex-prisoners, and their families. Colson maintained that the greatest joy in life for him was to see those “living monuments” to God’s grace: Prisoners transformed by the love of Jesus Christ. And thanks to the work of Colson and Prison Fellowship volunteers across the country, there are thousands of those living monuments among us today.

The Colson family has requested that in lieu of flowers, donations be made to the Charles Colson Legacy Fund. Condolence cards may be sent to Prison Fellowship Ministries, 44180 Riverside Parkway, Lansdowne, VA 20176.

Chuck touched many lives through his speaking, authorship, and engagement with prisoners and the Church. What has Chuck Colson and his ministries meant to you?

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  • The lives of Chuck and Patty Colson have altered our worldview. Their faithfulness to His calling motivates us fulfill His vision which they fulfilled to his very last. May grace abound as the family and friends face this great loss -- a relocated warrior has gone Home!Darlene Betzer
  • "Chuck was a wonderful example of God's gracious power. As a Gordon-Conwell board member, he often offered thoughtful and incisive direction. While we will miss him here on earth, we rejoice that he is now with his heavenly father."Dennis P. Hollinger, President of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
  • I will miss Mr. Colson's tremendous insight into the world around us. We truly ought to see each other and the potential that all of us have in Christ. I will pray that many in prison will come to know the Lord based on Chuck's life. His life was special and I'll miss hearing his voice on breakpoint.R. Daniels
  • I wrote to Mr. Colson on January 4, 1975 when he was in prison. I wanted to find out the name of the book that had helped him come to know Christ as his Savior. After he was released from prison, he wrote back on March 25, 1975 to tell me the name of the book was Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis. I still have the letter. He also sent a copy of the book. Although I didn't meet Mr. Colson in person, I know that I will when I get to heaven. His life after he trusted Christ was used to glorify God.Debbie Westmoreland
  • Dear Mrs. Colson and Family, Please accept my heartfelt sympathy. I so enjoy reading your husband’s books and plan to read all of them. My son knows this, and in my Mother’s Day card this year there was a list of your husband's books he ordered for me. I too am a widow and trust that my Lou has met your Chuck. Every day we are one day closer to being with them and the Lord forever. Most sincerely, Doris Daignault
  • Chuck's book, How Now Shall We Live, transformed my life. It moved me into God's larger story. I lead his study at our church. Later I joined the Centurion's Program and got to know him better. I was invited to a small dinner party in his honor, and missed it. Something I regret. But he is the biggest figure responsible for my growth as a Christian. God used him in my life. I have read most of his books and I continue to press on in the Christian worldview I learned from him. See you in Heaven Chuck!Marilyn Calcutta C-4 graduate
  • When I look at the life story of Chuck I can only hear this voice in my head telling me that if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. What a way of finishing the race Chuck! Till we meet for the first time someday.Ismael Medina
  • See you later, Chuck. Thoughts from one named after him.Colson Hauser
  • Among those modern day prophets and patriots like D James Kennedy, Billy Graham , Dr James Dobson, is Chuck Colson. Not withstanding the problems we face and should face more honestly and squarely , where would America and the church in America and families be without these men? Each in their own way have a world wide impact.Ed Wolf
  • I will miss Chuck’s voice on Breakpoint. His profoundly relevant commentaries kept us informed as well as motivated to be involved in the work of God. Also, I am so glad he wrote (and I read) The Faith: What Christians Believe, Why They Believe It and Why It Matters. Isn’t it wonderful to think of the glory Charles Colson is experiencing right now?Nan Troxel
  • Chuck Colson set such a meaningful example for all of us who love the LORD, by obeying GOD's call to witness to those who are in prison, and to reach-out to those families of prisoners. What a good and faithful servant he was! My thoughts and prayers go-out to his dear wife and family at this time of loss. In Christ Jesus,Donna Lee Bartholow
  • Isaiah 53:2 says of the Messiah, "He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to him, nothing in his appearance that we should desire him." In a way Chuck was just an ordinary man. He wasn't a stud or a prince or a Hollywood star or gazillionaire. He was just an ordinary man who, through the power of Christ, did extraordinary things. In that sense he was a picture of Jesus to me. To paraphrase a saying on my wall, "His talk talked, and his walk talked. But his walk talked more than his talk talked." His daily walk testified to the truth of his statement before entering prison. "I can work for the Lord in prison or out of prison. That's how I want to spend my life." And he did. Thank you, Lord God, for giving us time with Chuck Colson.Roy Batterman
  • I enjoyed listening to his radio program breakpoint. I miss him already.Kevin Stewart
  • In the mid 1970's I had graduated with a degree in Sociology with an emphasis in Corrections from UW/Madison and was teaching school. A friend gave me a copy of BORN AGAIN, saying with my interest in prisons I should read it. The book so inspired me with the vision of Christ changing the prisons from within that I ended up writing Chuck a letter volunteering to come out and help him while he set up the new ministry that was described at the end of the book. I got a letter back with an invitation to come out to DC (and a personally written PS that I found hard to read!), so I headed east from my WI home. I ended up volunteering for 2 summers and was then hired by PF. Throughout my 30 years of employment, he encouraged and inspired me to keep my eyes on the vision of sharing Christ's love. Our loss is heaven's gain.Lisa Stackpole
  • I have followed Chuck in his BC days as well as after he found JC. He is an inspiration to me and everyone in so many catigories of life. I pray the peace of JC to his family and loved ones. I have been in prison ministry on and off for many years. 4/11/12 I lost my 33 year old son and know the loss you are feeling. I cry with you and rejoice with you and bless you during this time. Thank you for sharing Chuck with us. God Bless! BillWilliam Flick
  • Chuck Colson has had a profound impact on my faith and on my life for more than 30 years. Like many Americans, I first came to know of Chuck when I was in college in the 70's. His public confession and conversion during a tumultuous time in our nation's political history, stood out as a testimony to the power of God's saving grace. But it was during a subsequent period of personal doubt and searching in my life, that I truly came to know and appreciate Chuck. His weekly Breakpoint messages and "How Now Shall We Live" Bible Study served as beacons of light and hope in a secular humanist world that my Christian faith was not alone, and in the end would not be in vain. Over the past decade, I have been even more attentive to Chuck's ministries and have found tremendous inspiration and motivation from his commitment to serve those in prison, and those whose lives are impacted by the absence of loved-ons who are in prison. I am truly grateful for Chuck's life and for his Christian witness. And I pray that his ministry message of redemption through confession and faith in Jesus Christ as Lord, will live on through his legacy fund and continue to bless others as they have blessed me.John O.
  • One of Chuck's amazing projects was the Manhattan Declaration; an effort to bring unity into the Body of Christ. May we, Protestant, Catholic and Orthodox continue to talk to one another about our Faith in Jesus and rejoice in the common ground that we all have in Him. God Bless you Chuck Colson for your shining example!jim in colorado
  • I had the honor of working for Prison Fellowship in the late 1980's. It touched my life deeply as a young person. I saw chuck Colson not only talk the talk but walk the walk. He hired many ex prisoners to run his many departments and treated everyone with respect. I remember working at christmas with the angle tree network and seeing all the wonderful gifts pour in for prisoner's children. I remember the many prayer luncheon's with speakers and guests from all over the world. It was an experience I will always remember.Pamela Pennington
  • I, too, was inspired by Brother Colson's deep conviction to reach those incarcerated. As one who has been incarcerated under religious and political persecution in the U. S., I was able to reach many for the Lord, both detainees and officers. Brother, I hope to sing along with you and the Hosts of Heaven one day!Rev Micael Donald
  • My husband was in the Lexington Federal prison for drugs. When he got out, his father ( a pastor ) took him to see Chuck Colson in Florida. It was the beginning of a radical change in him. He serves the Lord mightily now.Martha Crosswell
  • I was working in a jail when I found Mr. Colson's biography. It came at a crucial point in my life; my own father had been recently arrested and would subsequently serve more than 10 years in prison (he lived less than 3 months after his release, dying at the same age as Mr. Colson). I remember how much the book helped me and encouraged me. It gave me insight as well, and I wrote my Dad in hopes he would find the book in the prison library. Since that time, I felt a connection to Mr. Colson, although I never met him. He became the subject of letters between Dad and me as well. I'm grateful that I found his book and, subsequently, I followed Mr. Colson over the airwaves and occasionally online. I believe finding his book and learning about his life was one aspect God used to help me cope with the most painful experience of my life and that of my family. I'm very grateful.andy
  • Chuck Colson? One in seven billion. Glory to our Lord Jesus Christ for that.John Oros
  • From God We Come and to God We Return. Chuck Colson is a great example of a man who transformed his life behind the bars. He did what they said couldn't be done.Chaplain Hasan Hakeem
  • Have followed Chuck Colson since the Nixon days. Nixon was spoksman at National Jaycess Convention at Louisvile during "OUR" young married life. Watched Chuck Colson ever since he was on President's Nixon's staff. Praise God for his leadership out of prison.RALPH CHAMBERS
  • I have several of Chuck's books and heard him speak at a Promise Keepers conference in 1995. Great presentation and as always solidly grounded in the truth of Scripture and the gospel. My family and I have supported Angel Tree for nearly 20 years. Rest in the peace of Christ, Chuck, you will be missed.Rev. Brian Channel
  • Always was our pleasure to be able to donate what we could to this worthwhile organization, especially giving to Angel Tree Program...many lives and souls will be eternally grateful to Mr. Colson and his staff. Our sincere sympathies to members of the family and close friends.Judy and Ken Fletcher
  • I am a Chinese and became a Christian 25 years ago here in USA. I am so thankful that Mr. Colson has been my mentor for many years through worldview Breakpoint's teaching. I have also used his teaching material to lead a few small groups in my church studying Christian worldview. It has been a personal growth for me and my family through his ministry. I am going to miss him as a teacher and a mentor. I thank God for using Chuck to reach the lost and to lead Christian many brothers and sisters for advancing God's kingdom. May our loving God be with Chuck's remaining family, especially, with Patty and bless her with all her need. In Him, -TK & Beth MacT.K. Mac
  • Chuck Colson was a man that I hated because of Watergate. I truly despised him. Then came his redemption and mine, and I came to love, appreciate, and respect him for his love for our Lord and his fellowman!Eileen Wright
  • I salute my friend, brother, and fellow Marine, Chuck Colson, who “fought the good fight, finished the course, and kept the faith.”Chuck Swindoll
  • To me, Chuck Colson was the Apostle Paul of our generation used by God as a prophetic voice calling sinners to repentance and faith in the risen Lord Jesus Christ (Acts 17) AND challenging Christians (including me) to live out their faith in a secular world. He epitomized the Reformers mantra, "We are justified by faith alone but not by a faith that is alone." I relished reading his books because his writing irritated my complacency but also served to apply the balm of God's marvelous grace in "stretching" me (as Paul did Timothy) to continue living for Christ and His glory. Soli Deo Gloria and II Timothy 4:7 Bruce FarmanBruce Farman
  • Chuck's life was a constant reminder to us of the transforming power of Jesus Christ. It encourages us to remember him when we pray and ask God to give His saving grace to others.Keith & Betty Schorzman
  • I thank the Lord for Chuck's "Born Again" life and the way our Lord used him in ministries to prisoners and to all who wanted to know and better serve our Lord. Chuck was a loyal friend in Christ. I also very much appreciate Patty's support of Chuck and his work.Otis Bowden
  • Was so sorry to hear about Mr. Colson's death but I'm glad he's in Heaven now. From the White house, to the jail House, to glory in the Presence of our Lord. Hope will carry his torch to shine bright into prisons everywhere. I have a ministry with a few inmates here in Quebec and we hope to see Prison fellowship get involved with Cowansville prison inmates. I pray for 3 special inmates, but mostly for my friend F. Thank you Mr. Colson for your legacy. The love of Christ to shine in the pits of darkness. You are right :lack of hope is worst than the cells, the bars, the indignities... Knowing your life is worth something to the Redeemer, what a precious message. Well done, good and faithful servant. Amen!Anne Desilets
  • Touched by Grace! Faith comes by hearing the word of God. Mr. Colson was willing to do God's work. Praise our Lord for His gift of salvation.Lucinda Palestrant
  • Chuck challenged me to think! Through Centurions Program, I learned more deeply about sin and its pervasiveness--and there is no utopia on earth in this life--but God's restorative actions were for us to again have relationship with Him. I also found the courage to break the spiral of silence and speak out on cultural topics with confidence, strategically and winsomely sharing Biblical perspectives. The battle is the Lord's! Thank you, Chuck, and all the people at Prison Fellowship.Martha Underwood
  • We attended one of the very first gatherings with Chuck in a friend's home in Dallas/Ft. Worth. God has so blessed his vision. May God continue to sustain the family and ministry. Our love and prayers, Bill & Marianne Flanders
  • Chuck Colson and his ministry has meant a great deal to me. Many times I've thought about how if not for the grace I could be in the same place as the lonely and forgotten prisoners and how hard it must for their spouses and mostly the children.Joan Sisti
  • I was often inspired by Chuck's insight into the suttle influence of evil in our world and of the Christian communities' need to arm itself with intelligent apologetics and God's power to combat those influences, He gave us the Manhattan Declaration, a written stand to be taken by just signing our names to the things we believe. How brilliant! I thank my God for his life and the legacy he leaves. may God bless your ministry, your family and your influence even though you have gone before us.bob Herring
  • I first heard of Chuck Colson and his ministry in the 80's.I began donating when I had the money. I have been donating ever since on a monthly basis. Little did I know then, the impact that PFM would have on my family. My cousin and two nephews were imprisoned and have all benefited from PFM through counseling and Angel Tree. Thank you Chuck for heeding God's call and may God continue to bless the efforts of PFM!Sally
  • As I listened today over the radio, not unlike many mornings when I heard his breif words of wisdom over Moody radio I was reminded of something. I was remided that broken men like us are not "untochables" because in Christ there are no untochables. Sometimes we must complete broken before we can truly surrender, thank you Chuck.Hugo Martinez
  • He taught us what Jesus taught ... to remember those in prison for a start...Trish
  • Mr. Colson was a wonderful man for starting Prison Ministries. My son is in prison and he is going through the InnerChange Freedom Initiative course and he has become a wonderful person,totally changed person that is so much closer to God. Thank you Mr. Chuck Colson for helping prisoners and their kids with Angel Tree.Lorelei Carlson
  • Chuck Colson has been a part of our family's life for as long as I can remember. We have read some of his books, watched "Do the Right Thing" DVD series, and while homeschooling (and still) would call our kids in for "Breakpoint" readings in our email. Sometimes met by our kids with "Ohhhhhh", they always left our readings with "That was really good." Our son is now at university and we attribute his solid foundation, in part, to all we've learned from Chuck. I have thought of him as one of our great Christian Generals and the troops feel such sadness at the loss of our leader. I've thought of his wife, Patty, too. Patty joined her life to a man who took her on a roller coaster of experiences and feelings--wife of a Marine, lawyer, prestigious White House insider, to the wife of a prisoner. I applaud her devotion to Chuck both before and after his conversion. We feel the loss, pray for encouragement and continued guidance for our culture.Priscilla Moynihan
  • I was in the prison ministry and I saw by the grace of God inmates giving their life to Christ. I appreciate the dedication and conversion of Chuck Colson, and his committment to bring the Gospel to those in great need. Mr. Colson thank you for your dedication and mentorship to me. We will meet someday day on the other side, with our King. Your servanthood will be miss. A brother in ChristMario Martin
  • I stumbled on one of Chuck Colson's book in a used book store in Pakistan. When I read about his life I remembered the saying "What the devil intended as a setback God will make it a comeback" Chuck blessed so many people through his prison ministry. I am reminded of Matthew 25 verse 36 " I was naked, and you gave me clothing. I was sick, and you cared for me. I was in prison, and you visited me". God be with you Chuck Colson. Amen.Mumbi Ngaruiya
  • Well done, good and faithful servant, well done! Enter in this is heaven! Chuck, thank you for your ministry, for investing in my life. My husband (then boyfriend) was in prison for ten years. Our son was blessed through Angel Tree and I through the newsletters. I learned to forgive and now saved, married and serving God! Thank you for obeying God and loving the prisoner!Mary
  • I am a deeper more thoughtful Christian because of Chuck's heart, wisdom and vision. Thank you for your inspiration! Because of His mercy and grace, FeliciaFelicia Buchanan
  • Born again was instrumental in my closer walk w Christ. I was inspired Mr Colsen's dedication to teachings of Christ with such clarity. He will be missed but in heaven there must be great rejoicing ! Thank you Mr ColsenDanialle
  • What a strong voice of encouragement. I will miss hearing his program. He always spoke with such authority.Cindy Wheeler
  • I first heard of Chuck's name when a Peace Corp Volunteer friend gave me his book Life Sentence and urged me to read the story. It was in February of 1978 after my own conversion experience in our Maximum Security Prison in Suva, Fiji.After being released for a few months, my desire was to go back and visit all my mates inside and share with them the good news that Jesus is indeed alive in the prisons and He can change their lives just like He did for me, if they only believe! I did read the book, and then wrote to Chuck to thank him for how the book had greatly impacted my life, and have given me the direction and confirmation of my own calling in the mission field of prisons!Later, I received a note from Chuck acknowledging my letter and challenging me to work together with him in beginning the work of Prison Fellowship in Fiji.PF Fiji became a fully chartered member of Prison Fellowship Intl. in 1983 when I attended the First Triennial Convocation in Belfast, Northern Ireland.I then serve as the first National Director of PF Fiji, and continued in various roles of leadership for the past 25 years! Indeed for me as was for Chuck, this ministry is for the long haul..."we are doing a life sentence." Thank you Chuck for the great memories of past convocations and fellowships!We your brothers and sisters from the prisons of the world will keep the faith and remain at our posts, until He calls us home to receive our reward just as you have done!! Farewell dear brother, you will never be forgotten!!Apo Rageci
  • In the past, I have been inspired by those who work with Prison Fellowship, and have been to La State Prison a number of times to minister Jesus to the people. I thank God for the life of Chuck Colson, who was so full of the love of God for people. Earth is poorer today...Heaven richer. We love you Colson family!!!george woodward
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  • I am saddened to hear of the loss of Chuck Colson. I have had the privilege of meeting him during the Centurions Program of 2010 and have been tremendously blessed by this Ministry. On behalf of the congregation of the Mount of Praise Wesleyan Holiness Church, Barbados and indeed my own family, I want to offer condolences to his wife, family members and the entire body at the Colson Centre. Our prayers are with you at this time. Dr. McAthin Hinds
  • Having come of age (at least chronologically) during the time of the Nixon presidency and Watergate, I, like so many others of the era, sat in smug judgement over those events. Later I read Chuck's story of spiritual conversion in his book "Born Again", and was humbled by reflection of my own life's misgivings. Then came years of marveling at the Lord's redemptive use of Chuck's life in his work with prisoners and millions of others. How amazing to know that 'Damascus Road' experiences still happen today. Chuck will remain in my heart and mind and that of others as a 'modern-day Paul the Evangelist'.Diane Nelsestuen
  • I am too young to "remember" Watergate or Mr.Colson's earlier life but I certainly have been blessed for yrs by his critical thinking,the way he framed things and esp his unwavering stubborn faith.I know realize how much he has truly helped me thru the yrs to develop a strong biblical worldview esp thru hearing BreakPoint on the radio.Everyday I would look forward to it and stopped what I was doing just to listen.Thank you brother Colson for an exemplary life of the love of Christ and his forgiveness.Lila
  • This is the first time I have ever offered any thoughts of my own on the internet but I feel compelled to join in on remembering such a great man , a true servant of Jesus Christ . It amazes me to see what one man can do in just one lifetime for the world for the cause, the great commission ... if he or she will just let God do his work . What a gift Mr. Colson was and will be forever . I was saved in 1980 and a few years later I was struggling with my faith and I somehow found myself reading "BORN AGAIN" . I could not put the book down , the testimony presented , the conversion of such an intellectual and important man simply put, "renewed my faith " . Thank you to Mr.Colson and now his family for all that you have accomplished and will accomplish by changing people's live for eternity , my own included ... I can't wait to meet our hero brother in Christ in Heaven ! Kenneth D. KuligKen Kulig
  • I met Chuck Colson twice and heard him speak often. He became "amazing grace" to so many. There is redemption for ALL and shared that message with those who had no hope. God bless you Mr. Colson.Diane Buchkoski
  • I admired Chuck so much! His wisdom and his understanding resonated with me throughout the years. His prison ministry was and is a beautiful from ashes.(Watergate) God used his experience in prison to start a much needed ministry. As well his books were so thoughtful and engaging. He truly had an eloquent way of expression. His voice will be missed in the Christian community more than we realize.Therese Mills
  • Chuck Colson had a tremendous impact on my life. I remember as a young lady listening to him on Breakpoint and being stirred by his message. Later on in life, I met a gentleman who had recently been released from prison. I shared the love of God with him. As our first child was due, he was arrested and sent to jail. I tried to encourage him, but would not bail him out of his mistakes. As a result, near the end of his life, I began praying without ceasing for his troubles and his personal need for Jesus Christ. At his death, I believe he had accepted Jesus as his personal Savior. That gives me hope as I know that I will see him again and as II raise our son alone.Roberta Bush
  • Mr. Colson has had a very profound impact in my life. I will be forever blessed by his mentoring via the many ways he communicated truth. The Centurions Program was an inflection point in my life. His legacy will be exciting to watch and I know we will look back and see how he was prophetic on the importance of standing up for truth and transforming the culture for God's gloryMichael Gunning
  • Dear Chuck will be missed and remembered so very fondly. Having become a Christian at about the same time as he did, I followed his books (Born Again and Kingdoms in Conflict impacted me immensely!) and work in establishing Prison Fellowship all along. Beginning every morning to his reflections on Christian radio was impacting for so many years. Blessings to the family and we rejoice that we will see him again at Jesus' throne. With heartfelt thank you.Gina Dwyer
  • UNEQUELLED! in Godly wisdom & ability to express it-in love. He touched my heard thru Angel Tree-which I still support. Surely God worked in & thru this man-a modern day 'PAUL' who worked in & out of prison for God's Kingdom!ronald jackson
  • I saw Chuck Colson speak live in a church service at National Presbyterian Church in Washington, DC in the late 1980s, and his talk was very good. However, it was books of his that I have read that have impressed and impacted my life. To name a few: "The Good Life" and "The Christian in the Culture" ...the latter, my bible study did as study material. Thank you Chuck Colson for your great writing and the wonderful Christian witness of your life and ministries.Ann Krill
  • Chuck's book "How Now Shall We Live" is the only book of Church that I've read and thanks to God I own one. Chuck's thoughts and heart flows through his writing and I've been greatly blessed by his book. I never met him here but will surely be very grateful to meet him in Heaven. Jimmy Okello, from Uganda.Jimmy Okello
  • I had been in prison 1994-2009. I am inspired by Chuck Colson and PFI. I read his books and his story. I think God use him as a channel of blessing to us. He is a great man.Marthin Pangaribuan
  • Chuck's riveting testimony and his early book laid a strong foundation in my life in the 1980'schuck 43609
  • GRACIAS SR CHUCKCOLSON, my family and I would like to thank you for everything...above all making us aware of the perils and challenges we christians have before us. As a family we pledge to support the ministry. Gracias Sr "Chuck" Colson... la familia lopez/phoenix, azPEDRO LOPEZ JR
  • It's in learning about his past that I take great comfort in knowing that I can pick myself up, dust myself off and start all over again at 53. I've been saved since 1986, so when I hit on hard times like now, not working, I am hard on myself and feel like I'm not doing this right, but he ended up in jail and was transformed, I certainly can take from his transformation the ability to be transformed to through the love and forgiveness of our Savior, the Lord Jesus, thank you for reminding me it's never too late to have a turnaround. I envy your being with the Lord.JoAnne P. Wilson
  • About a year ago, while I was serving at the reception desk at FamilyLife, Chuck Colson came in with a few other men. He took the time to come shake my hand and thank me for serving. Then, and as he moved about the room, I sensed the love and humility of Christ, which I will long remember and be inspired by. Romans 15:13Charlotte
  • I was a young adult during the Watergate years but rejoiced at the news that Chuck Colson became a Christian. What is even more to rejoice about, is how he used his new life to honor God and reach the hearts of men. He's left behind a ministry set to bless many for years to come, and a legacy of hope and love for his family. A few months ago, I was browsing a thrift store, and checked the book aisle, as I always do. I bought a copy of Chuck's book "Loving God" for 50 cents. What a bargain! The depth of this book into the truths of Christian faith are evidence of how completely he loved God, and a blessing to those of us who want to go deeper into that same love. The book alone is a legacy worthy of note, though I know Chuch didn't seek accolades. If you haven't read it; I urge you to do so. It's a tribute to all that Chuck did in his life.Marty Dempsey
  • I have appreciated Brother Chuck's work in the prisons. His loyalty to God and example to the Body were amazing to witness. I have two brothers in prison and I'm gratefull for Chuck's heart and work to prisoners. He touched those of us on the outside too. God bless his family for sharing him with the world.SYLVIA OLIVAS
  • I was introduced to Chuck through his first book "Born Again". Interestingly, I read the book during the 8 hour jail time I had to serve at the Johnson County Prison in Iowa City, Iowa. I had failed to pay for a traffic accident and God found a way to reach out to me thru Chucks book. I have admired Chuck Colson ever since and he will be greatly missed.Chris Randall
  • It was a privilege to first hear him in London on my first trip to Europe in 1981. I was rivetted by his message.Over a decade later I was privileged to be at one of the Netherlands pre membership prayer meetings, required of any nation seeking to part of PFI . I was also blessed to be able to attend a PFI Conference in DC where I heard Chuck Colson yet again. He spear headed an incredible witness of Christians who are in such wonderful unity based on just one phrase of a verse of Scripture "...when I was in prison, you visited Me". May the evangelical church continue to seek to be the Body of Christ In one great leader's absence.Diane Tremper
  • I thank God for Chuck Colson because of the influence of his excellent books and ministry on my life. As a Catholic I have always been built up by Chuck's ecumenical and bigger picture vision of the real threats to renewing the culture and letting God transform lives. I was fortunate to hear him speak once at Franciscan University where he received our treasured medal for his ministry. He said that the welcome was so strong that he could have floated to the next meeting hall or something to this effect. I will greatly miss this tremendous man of God.Jim Valois
  • I grew up listening to Chuck Colson. I was always touched by his message and was inspired by his talks. I was on his website 2 months ago looking at more of his ministry. I came back today and was sad to learn of his death. I know he is with the Lord and I rejoice in that, but I am sad I never had the opportunity to actually ever meet him. I know one day I will. I am grateful for his influence on my life growing up and now I want to pick up where he left and begin doing my part more effectively. I want to learn to defend the faith and be able to share like Chuck did. God bless the family and friends of Mr. Colson. May He bless you will peace.Andrea Delaine Whitfield
  • I will miss Chuck's inspirational messages by my car's radio over the years. Chuck was an extraordinary spokesman for the Church universal. He was truly a uniter among Christians. He will be sorely missed by so many who drew encouragement from Him in the midst of challenging times.Lawrence Driscoll
  • My wife Kim and I met Mr. Colson in Atlanta's airport in 1998 just after I had lost an election for Congress. I told him that I had read "Born Again" just prior to running, so in a way he was there at the beginning and the end of my adventure. Since then Mr. Colson has become my mentor and friend. I even named my son after him. We will miss him greatly.Jay Whitehead
  • He was an example for me to follow, to be fruitful and active in the body of Christ.Ragaa Benjamin
  • Chuck Colson's Biography, Born Again, really blessed me. I am a Ugandan member of Prison Fellowship and though I have never been in a physical prison I have been in bondage and that book helped me understand that God could help me whoever I was and whatever I had done.Rukundo Solomon
  • I first met Chuck Colson in 1996, my freshman year at Wheaton College, where I attended on the scholarship named after him. He and I and the other "Colson Scholars" got together for lunch so that he could get to know us and hear our stories. I would have lunch with him again my junior year when he came to the college for a visit. Dr. Colson was the commencement speaker for my graduation in 2000. Yet again, I had lunch with him and this time my mother, who was in town for commencement, was allowed to join us. When they called my name during the graduation ceremony, Dr. Colson stood up and shook my hand as I walked across the platform to receive my degree. I last saw him in the summer of 2010 at Missouri Baptist College where he was speaking on behalf of a program for Prison Fellowship of Missouri. Afterward, I came up behind him and tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around and looked at me, paused for a moment and said, "Quentin right? ", gave me a hug and asked if I was okay. We chatted for a bit and I asked for him to sign a new book of his that I was reading at the time. If it weren't for Chuck Colson, I most likely would not have been able to attend Wheaton College. His story tells of the powerful redemption that can occur through the transforming power of the Lord Jesus Christ. I am deeply indebted to him and grateful for his life and the legacy he leaves behind. He will be missed.Quentin Banks
  • Through his books I came to feel as if I knew him. Only a few minutes ago, on the phone, I was telling my son his story. After hanging up, with Chuck still on my mind, I looked him up on the web to see what information was there. I found myself tearing up, when I read that one of his ministries was, The Angel Tree Project, who helped brighten the Christmas of my grandson more than once. To find that my family was a reciipient of one of the ministries he began, left me feeling grateful to him. Then after a moment it occured to me that God used him to touched our lives in a very personal way, showing us God even cares about the littleSandy Johnson
  • About ten years ago or so, when my son was about twelve years old I took him to a special event at PFM headquarters to hear Chuck Colson speak. We also heard a prior inmate speak about his life being transformed by Christ while he was in prison. I count this as a mile marker in my son's spiritual journey where his faith came alive as he heard first hand the testimony of Christ changing peoples' lives. Today he is 22 with a deep faith in the Lord.Mary Hamilton
  • Mr. Colson message of grace and mercy impacted me and my deceased husband Pastor Abraham Westley Jr. In 1993 h3 granted both of us a scolorship to attend Wheaton Theological Seminary. Today Minister Marvis Frazier, of Philidelphia, Pa,(Son of the late Smokin' Joe Frazier, and Pastor William Watts, of Chicago Illinois will be forever grateful to Chuck and his ministries we have touched thousands of lives in and out of the prison walls. We look foward to traveling to his Memorial, May 16, 2012, and continuing to lift up Jesus. For Chuck trained us to the utmost.Kathy Westley
  • Truly, Chuck's life and mission has been both a challenge and an immeasurable blessing to me and my family. Although we bear a deep sorrow at this time of loss, it is incumbent upon us to rise up and carry the Message of Light into the many dark places in the land. ... May Divine strength and grace sustain us as we seek to fulfill this mandate.Theodore Burch
  • I have apprieciated Chuck Colson for his courage and integrity. His biggest impact on me is something he said at a speaking engagement. He said "dispair is a sin" and he redirected my perspective. In reflecting about Chuck Colson I am reminded of 2 of JESUS' sayings one applies to then and one to now. First the then, form Matt 16:25 "For whoever wishes to save his life shall loose it; but whoever looses his life for My sake shall find it". The now would be Matt 5:6 "Blessed are those who hunger and thrist for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied" Like so many others I am thankful for Chuck's faithfulness to the LORD.Chuck Moon
  • I came across his book on the Church. His writing was most engaging and a breath of fresh air in Christian writing that I had come to find, well, stereotypical. After reading it, I became interested in everything Chuck; his conversion, his ministry and of course his writings. Frankly said, he spurred me on in becoming a better Christian. I look forward to meeting him up there. To his family and friends, you were privileged to know him. Do his legacy good.Evans Toroitich
  • I am so grateful for the life and ministry of Chuck Colson. I too came to the joy of knowing the Lord after many years as an atheist. In many ways Chuck was the father I never had and my beloved mentor. Will miss him greatly. Pob bendith * All blessings,Caroline Roper-Deyo
  • I will be forever grateful to the vision of Prison Fellowship that was shared by Chuck Colson which has allowed me the honor and privilege of ministering to men and women in prison for the last 23 years. I am planning to in the next year reread all of books that he has authored and continue on with the ministry he called me to.Steve Kirkeby
  • Over sixteen years ago, I selected a little 5 year old girl, whose mother was in Chowchilla Prison in California, through Angel Tree Ministry, and purchased Christmas gifts for her before delivering them to her uncle in Burlingame, CA. I was moved to correpond with the mother which was a blessing for each of us. After she was released, I took her to meet Chuck Colson at the Burlingame Marriott Hotel where a PF dinner gathering was being held. We had the pleasure to meet Chuck and thank him for his ministry to prisoners and their families. The name of the incarcerated mother was "Grace!"Joanne Rutter
  • Thank YOU Yeshua-Jesus for Chuck Colsen , Blessings on his family. Because of God directing Chuck Colson to Prison Fellowship, I have found a super grand ministry that I enjoy so very much. I go into Women's Prison and the Lord touches me, as HE touches all the Ladies. What a fantastic Ministry. Thank YOU Lord for using Chuck ColsonMarti
  • I have been profoundly affected by Chuck Colson since graduating from Biola over twenty years ago. I began listening to Chuck's daily Breakpoint messages on my way to grad school each week-studying public policy at an extremely secular graduate school. I grew to rely on Chuck's daily messages as a source of companionship and encouragement. As I progressed in my work in local government, I would often reflect on Chuck's recent perspective on a particular topic and I drew solace from his affirming reminders of the Church's witness through the ages, in all times and places. This helped me ground my faith in the political environment I have been engaged in and provided me tools to help me shape my understanding and communication of the Gospel. Chuck's unique ability to influence was rooted in his absolute trust in the fullness of God's revelation through Jesus Christ, in the use of reason, and in Chuck's words, demonstrating who we are and whose we are in a winsome, loving way. When my husband and I gave birth to twins eleven years ago, we seriously considered naming one of the boys, "Colson", in honor of Chuck's influence on our lives. He has been a marvelous testament to living my faith with conviction and intention, and I thank God for him.Mishal Montgomery
  • Chuck's story has served to inspire & motivate me. I took the Prison Fellowship training, 20 years ago. He went from prison to becoming one of the most influential Christians in history. What a witness to God. To be clear, it's about ministry not fame. His downfall would have taken most men out. But he chose God. I choose God. Chuck serves as a leaderGreg Bloom
  • I greatly respected and admired Mr. Colson and the work he did. His tireless efforts to educate millions of people will continue through the ministries he set up and the words he wrote. As a member of First Baptist Church in Naples, I had the privilege of seeing him in person on several occasions and even a couple of times when just happening to be in the same place as he, he was very gracious to engage me in conversation not really knowing who I was. While many in this world will greatly miss him, Chuck has finished his race here on earth for God and now it is time for his reward to be in the presence of his Savior! May God bless and comfort his dear family.Madeline Denison
  • Chuck won the Templeton Prize then administered by my late husband, Wilbert Forker. He was a joy to know and his joy in living an inspiration. I read his book twice, born again which impressed him.! Condolences to his family.maureen forker
  • Chuck's biographical book 'Born Again' had a profound influence on me as I realized what God can do when one submits completely to his will. His other book 'How now shall we live' made me critically think about my christian life and the kind of life I need to live in the secular world to impact others for Christ. The world will definitely miss a Saint who gave his all to reform men and women for Christ.Alex Selvarathinam
  • Chuck's story is inspiring - rising to the heights of political power and what means so much to this world, falling to the lowest low, and then redemption and a refocusing on things of eternal value. I loved reading his books and reinforcing the Christian worldview. He will truly be missed....Jeff Dougherty
  • I praise God for your testimony! To God be the Glory!Rio Martinez
  • I have no special story,but i was enlighten by his by his radio ministry. God bless you my prayers are with you.Mrs. Joyce Ambrose
  • I'm going to miss hearing him. I was saddened to hear of his going home, jealous in a way. He is one of God's greatest people that we encountered, even if it wasn't in personTammy Riedman-Smitey
  • I served 5 years as a Prison Fellowship volunteer chaplain in New Orleans Central Lock-up and without PF mentoring I would have surely been lost -- thank God for Chuck Colson!Keith Henderson

He will be greatly missed by many, including me. I count it a privilege to have called him friend. Rev. Billy Graham

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One of the most wonderful things about being a Christian is that I don’t ever get up in the morning and wonder if what I do matters. I live every day to the fullest because I can live it through Christ and I know no matter what I do today, I’m going to do something to advance the Kingdom of God.” — Charles Colson

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Through Chuck’s humble service, God established two great ministries: Prison Fellowship, which serves and equips the Church to fulfill the Great Commission among prisoners and their families. And the Colson Center, which resources Christians to propose and live out a Christian worldview. It was Chuck’s vision that these two ministries would bring God’s peace and truth — His Shalom — to a broken world in desperate need.

The Colson family has requested that in lieu of flowers, donations be made to the Charles Colson Legacy Fund.

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